What Our Customers Say...

We are proud of our Skin Peel and its ability to beautify your skin. Here are a few of the many testimonials we've received over the past 86 years.

"I'm a qualified Beauty Therapist and have never found any product that even comes close.... "

I've used your product for many years and I love it! I am a qualified Beauty Therapist and have never found any product that even comes close to the amazing results achieved with your treatment. I'm just taking the time during another peel to genuinely thank you. I am 42 and I know I look years younger because of the compliments I receive about my skin. You changed my life for the better. My experience has been so positive.

Please use my testimonial. It is my thoughts and outcome, genuine and without agenda.

Paula Graves, UK

"... I absolutely love love love your product!"

I would just like to say I absolutely love love love your product! I have just finished the skin peel 3000, and I absolutely love the results I have been left with, and yearned for for years!! I have already been recommending your product to all my friends and family. It's nice to spread the word about a fantastic product that actually does what it says on the tin!! Thank you again from a very satisfied customer!

Clare Brooke

"The results have been amazing..."

At first, my skin just felt fresher and cleaner, but now it feels so soft and I do not need to even wear makeup at the moment as it’s so flawless and clear. It really does feel like the skin of a woman in her twenties and people have been remarking on how well I look.

Tamara, 41, (Beauty writer for Look Good & Feel Good)

"... the results made me cry with joy"

I have just finished the Skin Culture 4000 peel and I am absolutely astounded by the results. I wish I had known about your product earlier. It took a total of 11 days and it revealed a soft creamy complexion, that I had yearned for. For many years I had horrible acne scars and the results made me cry with joy. I waited so long for a miracle to happen to my skin and you all have answered my prayers. Thank you for making this product available to us, I am going to tell all my family and friends about this.

Ms S Chaudhry

"Take it from someone who has used this product for many, many years. You won't be sorry"

Hi there, I came across your ad in a magazine when I was about 20. I have been using the Skin Culture Peels, all strengths Peel 1000 up to the Peel 4000 (I only use the Peel 4000 now) off and on for almost 30 years now. I am now using some of the aftercare products and have used them for the past couple of years. They are great as well.

I found the four part Skin Culture Rejuvenation Guide to be quite informative. I have always used your chemical peels and only your product and would not even consider using anything else because I know first hand how safe it is and how well it works. The price is great too.

For those who have not tried your chemical peel this guide should definitely help them make an informative decision. Give it a try. Take it from someone who has used this product for many, many years. You won't be sorry. I will be 50 this year and people think I look about 30 to 34 years of age. It doesn't get any better than that.

Rhonda Robinson, USA

"I will definitely recommend you ..."

Just a quick e-mail to thank you for your instructions and for the advice you have given me over the phone when I was worried about the peel. There isn't any feedback page on your website so I thought I'll just e-mail you to say that the peel worked really well and that I am really pleased with the result! I will definitely recommend you and will buy from you in the near future again! Thanks again!

Tatiana C

"It is worth it....It is the best!"

I am being so honest. Skin Culture peel has really gotten rid of my dark spots from my acne and cleared up my bumps.

There is nothing else that has worked for me besides this. I love it and I will continue to use it and it's after care products. My first peel was a level 3000 and I got wonderful results from that. Then I went to the big level 4000...And wow! It has removed ages of black marks and acne from my face. I feel Flawless!!! It is definitely a self esteem booster. I hated my face before while I was in school. The black/brown spots used to be so visible in the sun especially. I have finally found something that works for me and I love It!!!


"I will tell everyone I know about your products"

I want to say just how astounded I am by your peel 4000. I have suffered for years with mild acne scarring and have been really depressed with it. I have tried everything and spent thousands on products. As a last resort I tried your skin peel and am amazed by the results, I was actually speachless! Thanks to your products I no longer need to hide away and have so much more confidence. I hope acne sufferers find your website just to make them as happy as me. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!! I will tell everyone I know about your products.

Tara Heys, UK

"The Hyper-Pigmentation Came Off 50% After Only The First Day!"

I just completed the Peel 3000 6-day process. So far, my skin is looking very nice and smooth. I'm still peeling around the forehead and edges of my cheeks. I continue to use the normalizer cream as specified. 

The melasma on my cheeks seems to have lightened a lot as well as the hyper-pigmentation spot below the corner of my bottom lip, which came off 50% after only the first day! The other half has lightened up significantly. 

I want to say that I am extremely excited at the wonderful results I have received so far and look forward to enhancing those results by using the Aftercare Products. Thank you!

Jessica Tamaribuchi, Hawaii, USA

"... I feel 10 years younger"

Absolutely delighted with the peel, I feel 10 years younger. It's my first day back in work today after doing the Peel last week and I have had so many comments from my friends at work, it has made me feel amazing.

I had bad sun damage around my mouth, chin & both cheeks and the peel has practically got rid of it all and left me with very even looking skin. I will do another peel in a few months time just to re-freshen my complexion more than anything, and I will be recommending Skin Culture to all my friends. Thanks again, xx

Sarah Keeley , UK

"...this product is a God send!!"

'Hello, I started off with Skin Culture 1000, then I moved on to the 4000 formula. I have dermal melasma on my upper lip and already I see the difference. I've had this problem for two years and nothing else has worked, but this product is a God send!!
I know, I have to re-use the skin peel system next month, but I am confident that I will finally rid myself of this unsightly problem. Thank you so much!!'

Francina Santiago, USA

"The Best Product I have Ever Tried!!!!"

I just had to write to you and tell you what a truly wonderful product you have. I am ready to turn 55 and have been using different chemical peels for about 2 years with ok results. But then I heard about your product and purchased the Peel 4000 and it took me about 7 short days to turn my skin back over 10 years. I am really not kidding. I was getting those little lines around your mouth that make you look angry and had uneven skin tone and generally wanted to give myself brighter smoother skin but never did I imagine that the results would be this amazing. Everyone has noticed and I mean really noticed! My friends wanted to know what I did and I almost wanted to keep this to myself but didn't. The lines are almost totally gone around my mouth and it looks and feels so soft. I used to be in the sun a lot and this product just took all those years of abuse off with just some mild discomfort. I am even proud to go in the sun with no makeup (sunscreen of course).

I just wanted to thank you so much for having a product that actually lives up to what is advertised. I am a member of your Skin Culture Club and since money is extremely tight for me I will have to wait until you have another SC Club exclusive discount so I can do another one just for a few minimal touch ups only I can really see with a 10X mirror! Thank you so very, very much!

Josephine Price, Raleigh, USA

"Within one week I have the clear skin I have always wanted"

I am writing to thank you very much for the clear skin I have all due to your Peel 4000. I previously have tried all sorts of lotions and potions to get rid of my acne scarring. I also even went as far as going to Harley Street, but to no avail. Then I accidentally stumbled across an advert for your product and immediately ordered it. Within one week I have the clear skin I have always wanted. I will recommend it to everyone who is seeking a clear complexion. "

Miss E A Newton, London, England

"It's Absolutely A Bonafide Miracle!"

I just want to let you know that I have suffered from adult acne and dark pigmentation for over 10 years. After giving your Peel 4000 treatment a try recently, my skin has been dramatically transformed from dull and uneven to clear and glowing! I literally could not believe how your peel has totally changed my skin almost overnight (just 6 days to be exact). It's absolutely a bonafide miracle! The results of using your amazing product have given me so much confidence and happiness. I can't wait to start using your Aftercare Beauty Kit. Thank you so much!

Karen William, London, UK

"My Skin Looks Fresh And Radiant. Almost Glowing In Fact!"

I completed the Peel 4000 treatment yesterday and have started with the aftercare beauty products today. My skin looks fresh and radiant. almost glowing in fact! As your staff had predicted, the acne scarring around my cheeks has improved tremendously! I can't wait another month to go another round and get rid of the last remnants of the acne scarring for good. Thank you so much!

Wafa Bouqayes, Florida, USA

"I Got Fantastic Results!"

I first used a peel two years ago with great results. After letting my face get out of hand again, I decided to come back and buy again. I found the peeling process to be even easier now than it was two years ago. I used your Peel 2000 and to no one's surprise, I got fantastic results again!

This time I made sure to get one of the Aftercare Beauty Kits you offer to maintain my results. And guess what, your products far surpass any of the other major brands on the market like L'Oreal and Avon! I absolutely love them!

David Brown, Berkshire, UK

"My Face Looks About Ten Years Younger!"

I have just finished the Peel 4000 treatment today and I absolutely love my results! My face looks about ten years younger. It is softer, smoother, and much more radiant than before! I can't express how much I am smiling right now and it is all thanks to you! :-)

Donna Joseph, Michigan, USA

"It Has Made A World Of Difference To My Self-Esteem!"

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude for your Peel 4000 treatment. I have used it three times this year (my skin was that bad) and my skin is finally looking the way I want it to. I am usually famous for wearing too much makeup, however, now everyone comments on how fresh and well my skin looks. I'm absolutely thrilled with the results! This is the first time in years that I have felt confident enough to go without makeup, and it has made a world of difference to my self-esteem.

Secondly, I just want to say that I just love your Aftercare Beauty Products. They don't break me out and keep my skin looking great. Thanks for everything!

Kind Regards,
Synthia Griffith, London, UK

"You Have No Idea How Your Products Have Truly Changed My Life!"

I wanted to thank you very much for your Peel 4000 product. I have used it twice and I am very happy with the results! I have had acne for many years, but since turning 33 and having a few children, I had developed more severe scarring on my face. Prior to finding your site, I had used many products and even went to get professional peels, but found them to be very painful and extremely ineffective.

I truly am so grateful that this is available to people like myself that have suffered from the embarrassing scars left by acne. I have a close friend that has severe damage from acne and has since used your Peel 4000. She is so happy with her personal results that she has also started telling others people about your products. Thank you so much for making me feel more confident about myself. You have no idea how your products have truly changed my life.

Karen Booth, Ontario, Canada

"WOW, This Is Unbelievable!"

I don't think words can describe how much the Peel 4000 has worked for me. I am filled with so much happiness because of your products. I just finished the 6-day process and the acne scarring has almost completely disappeared! WOW, this is unbelievable! I am going to spread the word of your website because I know your products can help others to feel the way I do. I just can't thank you enough. THANK YOU!

Eric Roberts, West Virginia, USA

"I am utterly pleased with the results"

I would like to congratulate you for the results I received having completed the Peel 3000 treatment. As a new customer, I found a considerable change in the texture, composition, and feel of my face. I am utterly pleased with the results, as I have less conspicuous scars, no acne/spots, and much softer skin. Thank you for all of your help!

Walter (Satisfied customer from Nottingham, UK)

"I Have Had Phenomenal Results And I Absolutely Love It!"

I just had to drop you a line. I recently ordered and completed one of your Peel 3000 treatments. I have had phenomenal results and I absolutely love it! I have known about your products for sometime now, but I was not able to buy it until recently because I am on a very tight budget. I just wanted to let you know the money I spent was more than worth it and I think your products are wonderful! Thank you!

Brenda Abraham, New York, USA

"I am absolutely amazed at how clear my skin looks"

I just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely amazed at how clear my skin looks. Every time I look in the mirror, I can't believe the texture of my skin - it seems like I am wearing foundation and powder on my face even though my skin is completely bare!

I almost emailed you during the process, as I must say I did not know how it was going to turn out. I had no idea I would have such phenomenal results after only 7 days! :-) I am getting married in a month and a half and I am sure your Aftercare Beauty Kit products are going to keep my skin looking as good as it is now. Thank you again! Your products are really something wonderful!

Eriko Miyao, Texas, USA

"It has taken five years off the appearance of my skin"

"About the Skin Culture peel: I am extremely pleased with the results. I would actually say it has taken five years off the appearance of my skin. I followed instructions to the letter. I had been apprehensive as Kerry Ross, writing in the Daily Mail, had stated it was quite painful. It was uncomfortable for about fifteen minutes and then fine. The end results are great and I would certainly use it again.

Mary Jackson, Swansea, Wales

"I noticed a very good result with spots clearing and smoother skin"

"I am writing about your peeling product which I have used. When I used it I did a spot peel. and I noticed a very good result with spots clearing and smoother skin. I am happy with the results and its is continuing to work days after the treatment. If anything I know that I will gladly use you in the future."

Ms Z McLeish, Chesterfield, England

"Your product gave me skin I always wanted"

"I would like to thank you very much for your product. I've tried everything. I've tried medications. I've tried fading creams. But nothing works like your product. Your product gave me skin I always wanted. My skin is now cleared, and I owe it all to you."

Mr Gerald Franklin

"...thank you for your product, and the noticeable results it has had on my skin"

I felt I must write after completing your Peel 2000 treatment this week to congratulate and thank you for your product, and the noticeable results it has had on my skin. Ever since I was a teenager, I have suffered from oily, spot-prone skin - including scars of which still remain today. Even at the age of 25, my skin would still often look tired and blotchy, and I purchased your products hoping to alleviate this.

Although I was initially hesitant about trying your products - uncertain they would have any effect - I write today in total amazement with the results of one of your lightest peeling treatments. After just 6 days, my skin is now much clearer and oil-free, with an even texture and smoothness friends and family have definitely noticed! I look forward to achieving even better results in the near future with one of your stronger peels!

With Many Thanks,
Andrew Boswell, West Midlands, UK

"I would like to thank you for these products"

"I thought I would write a few lines as I have brought your products now for 6 months. I've tried Skin Culture #4 (Peel 4000) and your Peel 2000 and have just used another Peel 4000. I've liked all the products and this last Peel 4000 has peeled very well. I would like to thank you for these products as there is no one else in this country who has bothered to help the likes of myself and others with problems with their skin."

Miss J Westlake, Devon, England

"my skin is firmer, smoother and clearer"

"I have just finished my treatment and my skin is firmer, smoother and clearer. I followed your instructions and it works. My compliments on your products which I love and all the best. Please send me your colour brochure as I gave mine to a friend. "

William Saville, Milan, Italy

"How did you get such magnificent skin"

"Please send me another order form of your Peel Facial System, Glycolic Cleanser, Glycolic Facial Lotion, Hydra Gel. I would love to continue using your products for the perfection of my skin, so that everybody I meet can ask me 'How did you get such magnificent skin'. So please send a new order form! I would love to keep my skin wonderful always with continuos use of your products."

Anne Stewart, Rhode Island, USA

"What a difference your product has made"

I have recently completed a Peel 4000. I found the instructions clear and easy to follow and it was very useful to be able to ring directly for advice. I am very pleased with the result and for the first time in a long time I can talk to people and feel confident about my skin. I have already received compliments and only someone who has suffered from skin problems will understand how good that feels and what a difference your product has made. I will use your product again soon and will also recommend it to others.

Paula Hancock, Gloucester, England


"Hi, I've just finished using the Peel 3000 and I have been very impressed with the results. I will be purchasing the Peel 4000 shortly as I am really keen to go a bit deeper and also will be purchasing the aftercare products as I didn't buy that with the Peel 3000, as I wasn't sure how it would all turn out, and I'm pleased that I'm pleasantly surprised with the results!

What I like the most is that the bags under my eyes have almost just gone and so have my laughter lines and the wrinkle I had on my forehead is diminished. Years of using gadgets to try and remove them and they wouldn't budge and now they've gone in a week! Awesome! I'm 36, didn't look old but had that tired look about me for a while.

I'm glad it's worked so well and I'm glad to be able to share my day to day progress with readers around the world! Best wishes,"

C Clout, London, England

"My plastic surgeon asked for your website, because he was interested in your products"

"After using the Skin Culture Peel I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon today about the remaining scars, and he said that my skin responded so well to the Peel 3000, that I really didn't need any further treatment! He asked for your website, because he was interested in your products. I think I will only do one more peel, just on the scars and I will be done. Thank you so much,"

Lisa Furton, California

"After using your amazing peels I saw a major difference..."

'The results were excellent and unbelievable. I have just purchased a Peel 1000 just to freshen the complextion and the scars. Thank you for great products.'

Zada, Lancashire, UK

"After using your Peel 4000 my skin felt so soft!"

Your products are very, very good and I've been telling all my friends about it. I now use your aftercare products and would recommend them to everyone. As for the skin peel it will now be part of my yearly regime. It may sound a bit patronising, but the pictures on your web site don't come close to showing how your skin looks and feels after the treatment. Extremely happy person!

Rachel Mortimer, Wiltshire, UK

"I am very impressed with the results!"

'I finished the Skin Culture Peel 3000 and I am very impressed with the results! I still have some acne scarring left and I would like to do another peel (probably 4000 strength) so I can have the skin I have always dreamed about. I used to have to pile on foundation to cover my acne hyper-pigmentations, but now they cover fine with just tinted moisturizer. I am very happy with the results.'

Tiffany Bryant, UK

"what a beautiful, radiant face you have"

'I recently finished the Peel 4000. I suffered from melasma on my forehead and generally from uneven skintone, plus I had some large pores. But now my forehead is clear, there are very few open pores and I have a wonderful even tone all over my face. I went out for a coffee with a friend of mine and she told me: "what a beautiful, radiant face you have". My skin glows like a pearl! I adore the results. '

Panaiota Kenenuni

"I was your most sceptical customer of all"

I finally did the peel. I did the 3 layer one (Peel 3000) and I loved the results. I also bought the Aftercare Kit and I have to say I am so impressed I want to do it again. How long do I have to wait? 

My dermatologist told me not to do the peel, but she was very wrong. She said it could cause permanent discoloration of my skin. So I'm glad I took the risk.....it solved all the problems I was having with my skin and I am very stoked with the results. 

I would be honored if you used my testimonial, as I believe I was your most skeptical customer of all. I asked around, did research and even took the peel and instructions to my dermatologist and waited an entire year to actually do it!

Oh yeah, my mom is also interested and she has the most beautiful skin for her age. She is also very weary of skin products but I've got her interested also!!!!

Many thanks to you and your staff and have a great 2010. Your product rocks. :))))

Natalie, California, USA

"...your peel has worked a miracle"

'Dear Skin Culture, please use my testimonial just to let everyone know how great your skin peel is. I used your skin peel 3000, which was just fantastic. I can't wait to use peel 4000. My skin is much more healthy and I am so pleased with the results. I have open pores and your peel has worked a miracle. Thank you so much.'

Margaret Fitzpatrick

"...it is a remarkable product"

'I have been using the Skin Culture peel for over 2 years now and it is a remarkable product. The 4-part rejuvenation guide is very helpful for those who have never experienced using the product. The product truly works and is not like any other products I have tried before. '

Zoe Moore, USA

"I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your product!"

'This is not an inquiry, but I just wanted to let you know that I am a 51-year old light-skinned African American and two years ago I used the Culture Peel 4000 hoping to clear up years of acne scars. The 4000 Peel took most of the scars off and I received many compliments. I'd like to be able to do this again before the end of this year as my husband and I are taking another "Wedding Anniversary Cruise". I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your product!'

R Hawkins, Viginia, USA

Skin Culture Peel 3000 Review