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Skin Peel Review: Skin Culture Peel 4000 *

Rating: Excellent

Benefits: It reduced pigmentation, smoothed my skin

Drawbacks: I wasn't presentable for a week. Product doesn't smell great.


I am a 37 year old caucasian female with slightly oily skin (only t-panel). The rest of my skin is dry. My compexion is fair with olive undertones. I had pigmentation on my forehead, chin and cheeks due to sunbed usage more than 10 years ago. I only went for 5 sessions, but the damage lasted for years! Beware, ladies!!!

I much prefer this treatment to laser peeling or micro dermabrasion. The former being to risky for my liking and might worsen pigmentation and the latter being not very effective (from personal experience). It takes a bit of commitment though, because the treatment lasts for 6 days. I didn't feel that I was presentable during that time, so I stayed at home for a week. My skin tone has improved, pigmentation has faded a lot, though it seems I would have to do another Peel 4000 before it will be to my total satisfaction. I must admit I was hoping for total obliteration of all traces of pigmentation. Sigh! I have used Retin A and Renova before and not only does Peel 4000 work faster, but I have no side-effects and my skin looks much healthier.

Conclusions: I would definitely use this peel again

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Post subject: skin culture peel 4000 *

I just wanted to let people know about the SkinCulture Peel 4000.

I am on day 6 and completely peeled - just minimally flaky - can go out in public and go about my business. No one notices a thing. However, my skin discolorations and texture are so improved I am thrilled with the results. My skin is clear, the brown spots have faded by 80% and my pore size has reduced. I have had laser resurfacing two years ago which contributed to my hyperpigmentation problem as well as bouts with acne over the years.

I am in my early 40's and still struggling with acne, now brown spots and wrinkles - talk about frustration. This peel has given me great hope. I would suggest that someone who has bad skin purchase two peels as I think I will do one more - actually I just ordered it. I am certain after this next peel that all my acne scarring will be gone - I know the brown spots will be gone and I just might be able to go without makeup - my god how wonderful that will feel. I even sped up the process by applying the 1st dose in the morning at 8am on the first day and the second application that night at 10pm as I was worried that I would still be peeling and look hideous by the time I had to return to work. I could have gone to work no problem today on day 6. The key to this peel coming off without problems is to literally douse it with the normalizer cream and leave on all day and night long. I did peel it a little myself, but be warned if it is not ready you will cause red marks - so don't pick. I had the peel so saturated when I did help it along a little bit it came off like a hot knife slides through butter.

Before I did the peel I looked all over the internet to find people's comments as I was apprehensive about doing the peel. Most remarks were very favourable. I have sensitive to very sensitive skin with an olive complexion and my skin colour is greatly improved - almost peaches and cream now. so there it is. Proceed with confidence. You can get your good skin back. I also would like to mention that I had 5 peels in my early 20s TCA peels by my Dr. of which only 2 had any favourable results. Those peels left my skin uneven and though some of the dark marks were removed, the trade off was skin that had peeled off at different levels, leaving marks in my skin. The skinculture peel comes off and your skin is smooth, depressions and lines are diminished. First Class product. Just make sure you have good books to read and enough water and groceries to sustain your 6 days.

Post subject: Skin Culture Peel 4000 *

I bought the Peel 4000 last May with some of my tax return money. 

But I messed up because I was trying to do the peel without anybody noticing, which is hard with this peel. I did not use all four jars back to back like I should have. I used one jar then did another one later on etc. It peeled really nice but it would have been so much better if I just did all four jars back to back for one deep peel instead of my mini peels. 

That was my 3rd time buying the skin culture peel. The Peel 1000 is new, they never offered the a single jar before. You only could only buy the 2000 and up. 

I did do a Peel 2000 (two jars) back to back and it peeled real nice!!!! The results lasted a long time. I tend to break out in the exact same places on my skin for some odd reason and those spots left over from my breakouts on my upper cheek were gone. 

I've known about this peel since 1994. I remember the lady on the phone saying "you sound awfully young to be purchasing our product". LOL!! I'm like, I bought it before!!! I'm trying to clear my skin. But I guess they see it as more of an anti-ageing peel, not for young people to use for clearing the skin. 

My skin was sooooooooo soft. I didn't even want to wash it. It looked like brand new skin. So smooth and clear. They give you this really heavy thick cream to put on your skin to soften up the skin that is peeling. 

I think you'll like this peel.

Skin Care Review: Peel 4000 Skin Culture Peel *

Rating: Excellent

Benefits: Huge hyperpigmented scar reduction in under 10 days, very even tone, reduced acne

Drawbacks: wasn't presentable for 9-10 days, so pack up plenty of food lol


I Love skin culture for renewing my skin. Not only did it clear up my scars but it also basically diminished my acne as well. I used the product for 4 days, and it didn't peel off completely for around 5-6 days. My warning is NOT TO PEEL OFF THIS MASK YOURSELF, let it peel naturally, remember your'e basically pulling off skin layers and pulling will not do anything but make your skin look worse and possibly cause more scars. If you do want to make it peel faster just use more of the mosturizer they provide more frequently.

I am an african american so I did not think this would work on my skin but it made it look the best it has ever been. I received so many compliments afterwards and it seemed like it made over my skin since I did not receive any breakouts for about a month and even after that month i got maybe a bump here or a bump there lets say once ever 2-3 months, then again i did use a new soap after skin culture called "black soap" from to maintain my look. If you are acne prone to maintain your look either try the black soap i mentioned or the glycolic cleanser that skin culture also provides. I ordered a cheaper set recently from ebay only because i did not use my black soap like i should have and have new scars. I recommend this for anyone who needs a dramatic and quick literally changed my life and i cried when i saw my new face since I have had severe acne ever since i was in second grade. good luck to all who read this

Conclusions: I love this product and am a fan for life.

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Post subject: Re: Skin Culture Skin Peels *

 Hi there, 

I have done the 4000. The results are very good but it depends on which peel you get and what you are hoping to achieve/rectify. It tends to take around 8 days from start to finish and you may well have to take some time off work. I know it's not fun but it can't be done any other way unless you are ok with ppl seeing you. 

If you do a quick search for skin culture, you'll see I've written quite a lot about it. The process is basically the same for all peels except that with the 3000 peel, you only get three pots which you use on three consecutive days (one on each day) and then you use the creams provided to sooth your skin and help it peel off. It stings when you apply the peel formula but it's not unbearable. After that, your skin starts to feel very tight and subsequently your skin will start to peel. 

If you can't take any time off at the moment, and want to take advantage of the 25% offer that's on the website at the moment, buy it and then use it when you do have time. It has a shelf-life of approximately 18 months from when it is delivered. 

No idea about the botox but if I were you, I would see what kinds of lines you are left with once the peel is done, and THEN have it done as the peel will help diminish lines and wrinkles. The best peel is the 4000...

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